Digital Creations

My showcase of digitally created art

Last of US 2 PS4 Game Cover

I made a fun fictional PS4 game cover.

Goodfeallas 2 Movie Poster

A fun fictional movie poster I made.

Sister & Brother for sale signs

A sister puts her newborn brother up for sale.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon...

Since I love photography and graphic design I'm always trying to find a way to mix the two. As a self-taught Photoshop pro I'm always messing around with photos and various other images. Posted here are mostly hobby creations and art to amuse others. I find that taking a normal photo and turning into a larger work or art can be more satisifying that taking the oringal photograph. As with my other forms of art, I do not make money on these, but I would probably be open to offers. If you want to use something posted here elsewhere, please contact me for permission.